So I just received my bottle of hairfinity in the mail today! I have been wanting to try the product for a while now after seeing all the amazing results online and to see if it would do the same for my hair. I really like the tips in this video about what to do and expect while taking hairfinity by @ms_black

1.) Best to take hairfinity while hair is in a protective style for best results
– I will be getting box braids tomorrow

2.) Best to take 1 pill a day instead of the recommended 2 pills a day to combat break outs

3.) Best to take it with a hefty meal and wash it down with a hot cup of tea

I will do an update post with before and after pictures once I finish my first bottle and will try to do a product review video as well. Looking forward to the results I will keep you posted 🙂

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Protective Styling!!….”The Bun”


This is the time of year when I make an effort to wear more protective styles to give my hair a break for a while. Last week was very busy for me…..I really did not have time to do my hair like I usually do! So I wore my hair in a high bun for like 6 days straight lol! It was very convenient and low maintenance; the bun also helped to protect my ends.
My hair was already stretched from the week before so that made styling quick and easy just the way I like it lol!!
-I oiled my scalp
-Moisturized my ends
-Gelled it up
-Used bobby pins to tuck away the ends
At night I took the bun down to prevent strain on my edges and just repeated those steps again in the a.m.

The bun is definitely my go to protective style when I need something quick, easy, and cute. It is also great for naturals that are currently transitioning!! If you have other low maintenance protective styles I would love to know 🙂