Inspiration, Natural Hair

High Fashion & Natural Hair

I love fashion and always have, over the years I have notice that many of the high fashion models and models in commercials have natural hair and I love it!! Do not get me wrong there is still a major discrepancy in the amount of Black women in the fashion industry. Not to mention in the media we are not always shed in the best of light smh. But on the positive side of things I feel encouraged when I  see women of color strutting their stuff on the catwalk, on the cover of high fashion magazines, and in beauty commercials Embracing Their Crown so one day the rest of the world will do the same 🙂

Below are a few beautiful models that inspire me and have made their mark on the fashion industry as well as in the natural hair community.

Wakeema Hollis

Herieth Paul

Sabina Karlsson

Aluad Deng Anei

Sessilee Lopez

Ty States

Akuol De Mabior






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