EYC Music Wednesdays

EYC Music Wednesday!! Majesty Rose


I have not watched American Idol since the season with Fantasia and Jhud! Mostly because television started to be saturated with karaoke styled music shows with less and less talent…But tonight I was flicking through the channels and saw this talented natural haired beauty and instantly became a fan. She is very unique in her musicality and style, you can tell from her demeanor she is confident in her skin and is Embracing Her Crown. That is exactly why I want to feature her on EYC Music Wednesday….Not to mention she is a Carolina Girl LOL!

Image      Image

A few FYI’s about Majesty Rose: She was born Majesty Rochelle York in Goldsboro NC  on February 29, 1992. She plays 3 instruments the violin, cello, and guitar, before American Idol she was a preschool teacher. She is currently a Top 9 finalist on America Idol. Support this natural haired songbird….I cant remember if anyone has every won one of these show with natural hair 🙂

Below is a video of one of her performances!!





Yo can follow her on Twitter: @psmajestyrose



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