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EYC Natural Hair Regimen!!



****List of products included in my regimen will be in my next post****

Through many trails and errors I have been able to maintain a pretty consistent regimen with reliable products which is a great feat for me because I can be somewhat indecisive.

Key things I try to make sure I do in the warmer months

  • Reduce heat styling…because my hair does not hold a chance against the southern heat and humidity.
  • I prefer to do wash and go’s and protective styles in the warmer months as my hair grows faster in those months anyway.
  • I have to Moisturize, Moisturize, and Moisturize at least once a day sometimes more!! My hair gets so darn dry when the weather changes.

My Normal Regimen


On wash days I pre-poo with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil depending what I have on hand they both get the job done. When I first went natural I did not pre-poo…honestly because I did not see the point but now that I have started I can tell the difference it is much easier for me to detangle my hair, it protects my ends as well as forestall the shampoo from stripping my natural oils. I part my hair in 4 sections and generously apply oil root to tip and let it marinate for about 30-45 min with a plastic cap


I shampoo my hair 1x a month depending on the styling and products used as well as my schedule. I use a natural sulfate free shampoo with good slip. I shampoo in 4 sections, for me it makes it a little easier to detangle. Ironically this is the quickest and easiest step for wash day! My process is the same for co-washing I do it more often about 2-4x a month usually the latter in warmer months I use an all-natural conditioner.

Deep condition

I deep condition about 2x a month always after I shampoo. I use a deep conditioner that repairs, strengthens and has a thick consistency for better penetration. I apply a good heaping amount to each section and finger detangle best I can. I usually opt not to use a comb in this step because I can be somewhat heavy handed and rough when I use comb smh… once detangled I place on the plastic cap and sit under the dryer for about 30 min for maximum penetrating. Lastly I rinse with cool water.

Moisturize/Seal ends

After my hair is completely cleansed and rinsed out I apply a leave in conditioner no matter what style I decide to do. I prefer a light leave in as I don’t want my hair to be weighed down all over again. I also apply oil to my ends to lock in moisture; I like the effects of Jojoba oil.


My top 5 styles

  • wash n go
  • three strands twist outs
  • braid outs
  • flat twist with blown out hair
  • high bun with blown out hair

My braid and twist outs usually last about 3 days when it wants to…. My flat twist and buns usually stick around for a week at a time. To help maintain the style I try to keep my hands out of it other than moisturizing and I oil my scalp about 2x a week


I blow dry my hair probably too often…sometimes 1-2x a month I have gotten better though, when I first went natural it was like once a week smh…..when you know better you do better I always use an oil based heat protector from root to tip, to minimize the hazard of heat damage. After having to cut off 3” of my hair because of heat damage I learned my lesson. I have become more disciplined in allowing my hair to fully dry before placing heat to it and cautious not to use excess heat on my ends. I blow dry in sections with a comb attachment not the best option but I am work in progress. I warily reduced my use of a flat iron to 2x a year and on special occasions I will use my curling wand.


I trim my hair 2x a year usually around the same time I get it flat ironed. I am not the best with scissors so I get it done professionally, that way I know it is even all around and it is a good cut that will last me 6mo. FIY…I have made the mistake of getting my hair trimmed by someone that did not know the difference between a coil and a split end and trimmed off way more than necessary so make sure the professional caters to natural hair.

That about sums up my regimen for the most part at least. I will post the products I use in a separate post as this one was pretty lengthy in itself lol!…..If you have any additional methods or advice from your regimen I would love to know! 🙂



4 thoughts on “EYC Natural Hair Regimen!!

  1. I love this blog! Your regimen was very insightful and helpful. I go back and forth CONSTANTLY on how often I should wash me and my two daughter’s hair. I think the conclusion I’ve come to is to wash when it’s pretty dirty. One daughter has bad dandruff like me so I wash both of our hair at least once every two weeks. My youngest daughter can go longer. I have friends who swear by washing their hair at least once a week. I’ve tried that and it’s hard to stick to and I don’t always feel the need to do so. Pre pooing is a great idea. I’ve just started doing that as well and it works wonders. I enjoyed this post! I can’t wait to read more!! 🙂


    • Hi! Thank you for the support I am glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂 I have heard that if you use a shampoo with tea tree oil it can help treat dandruff. When it comes to washing my philosophy is dirt+build up/time=Wash day but that just me Lol!!


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