When I say this woman can sing! I mean that with every letter of that statement! Her voice is like silk captivating with every line. Hypnotized by every note her voice is perfectly imperfect and flawless to a flaw. Her voice commands attention without being robust. Which is why she is a timeless fixture on the list of renowned vocalist.

If you are unaware of who this woman is I will be glad to introduce Ms. Rachelle Ferrell to you and I promise, you will be adding her to your music archive.

Ms. Ferrell born in Pennsylvania May 21 1964 she began singing at the age of 6 and can do so in 6 different octaves. She is classically trained in both violin and piano, she attend Berkley College of Music and graduated in 1 year…like who does that! From 1974-1990 she sang back up for some big time names in the industry like Lou Rawls, Pattie La Belle, and George Duke. She released her first solo album in 1990 entitled “Somethin’ Else” and 4 more albums to follow which also include an aw inspiring live album from her concerts in Montreux from 91′-97′ released in 2002. she has not released new music in over a decade which is a testament that her previous work can stand the test of time. She is still selling out concert in the US as well as internationally, below is her Discography if you want to add any of her music to your collection. Her official website and twitter are also below. Check them out to see when she will be performing in a city near you.

Please take some time to listen to her music you will not regret it! I am so glad to have Ms. Rachelle Ferrell featured as EYC Music Wednesday!!

1990: Somethin’ Else
1992: Rachelle Ferrell
1995: First Instrument
2000: Individuality (Can I Be Me?)
2002: Live at Montreux 91–97 [Live]



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